Closet Design Nashville TN

Closet Design Nashville TN

Closet Design Nashville TN
Have you ever caught yourself thinking you have nothing to wear, while you have a mountain of clean and unused clothes piled somewhere? Well, chances are that most of your shirts and jeans have been left untouched at the back of your closet. If that is the case, it’s not a new wardrobe you need but a custom closet design in Nashville, TN. It will let you access all your clothes in a convenient and hassle-free way.

Reasons to Hire a Professional to Do a Closet Design in Nashville, TN

Enlisting the help of an expert for a custom-made closet design in Nashville, TN, can make storage and organization of clothing pieces easy, even for busy people. Here are the reasons why you should get a customized closet design in Nashville, TN.
A Professional Can Provide You With the Best Storage Ideas for a Closet Design in Nashville, TN
Hiring an expert for a closet design in Nashville, TN, lets you utilize various organization methods. For example, they would know which hangers would take up less space or which storage boxes would go well with your items. Moreover, they would know where to source the right materials to give you the best closet design in Nashville, TN.
A Professional Can Help You Maximize Space With the Right Closet Design in Nashville, TN
Whether it’s for a big or small space, experts would know what closet design in Nashville, TN, would work best for your needs. They could come up with a closet design in Nashville, TN that would allow you to utilize every inch of your space efficiently. They would strategically incorporate hanging racks, compartments, cubbies, etc. in the closet design in Nashville, TN.
A Professional Can Help You Save Time When Doing a Closet Design in Nashville, TN
Doing a DIY closet design in Nashville, TN, is possible. However, researching the best design ideas would already take up a lot of your time. You would also have to look up on how to do things like installing drawers, hanging rods, planks, etc. An expert on closet design in Nashville, TN however, would already know these things. After they work on your collection, you can enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free closet.
A Professional Can Create a Budget-Friendly Closet Design in Nashville, TN
When you hire a designer to do a closet design in Nashville, TN, they could customize a plan within your price range. They will not compromise the quality and aesthetics of your closet design in Nashville, TN.
A Professional Can Personally Tailor the Closet Design in Nashville, TN to Your Specific Needs
Every homeowner has a unique set of wardrobes. For example, individuals who love to collect shoes might want a closet design in Nashville, TN that would allot more storage space for their growing collection. Whatever pieces you want to highlight in your wardrobe, an expert can create a closet design in Nashville, TN with an organization system that will surely work for you.
Moreover, experts can create a closet design in Nashville, TN, that reflects your style. Whether you’re going for a minimalistic or a more traditional approach, they can make it possible.
Upgrade Your Storage Space by Getting a Professional Closet Design in Nashville, TN
At The Closet Company, we provide efficient and innovative closet design for Nashville residents. Whether a client has a small single-door or a walk-in closet, we help them achieve the closet design in Nashville, TN, that they’ve been envisioning.
We take note of our clients’ specific style and storage requirements before ultimately coming up with a closet design in Nashville, TN. We also make use of state-of-the-art woodwork equipment when putting our closet design in Nashville, TN, into action.
Besides making a customized closet design in Nashville, TN, we also offer organization solutions for other parts of your home, such as the pantry and garage. Call us today for more information.
The Closet Company: Your Partner for Organization and Innovation
With more than three decades of experience, The Closet Company is Tennessee’s authority for customized woodwork and pieces of furniture. We provide our customers with closets and other space-saving features designed that align with their preferences and financial flexibility.
The organization and storage needs of our customers are always taken into account when our builders design each custom closet. We accomplish this by involving our customers and listening to them. This allows us to maximize every inch of a room and accommodate all of the items that need to be stored.
Our strategically placed and cleverly designed closets can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your space. We guarantee that you’ll be pleased with our finished product as each of our woodworkers are equipped with creativity and craftsmanship.
Our Services

  • Closets

We utilize our years of experience to create beautiful closets that maximize the efficiency of your space. First, we inspect the space to see the items that you intend to store. Our experts then design these closets to make sure that all your clothing is accounted for. Finally, we add special features like belt and tie racks, valet rods, drawers, safes, ironing boards, mirrors, and more.

  • Garages

This part of the home is where a lot of unused objects are kept. Without organizers, garages tend to be cluttered and messy.

On top of that, there is a possibility for people to misplace tools if their garage is cluttered. That’s why we provide our clients with custom closets specifically for organizing these equipment. This way, our customers can arrange their tools and locate them with ease.

  • Pantries

Organization is important, especially in a room where food supplies are kept. We can install multiple layers of shelves in your kitchen to help you sort and store your food and condiments.

  • Laundry Rooms

Make wash days more convenient with room improvements that help you accomplish your tasks. Countertops, ironing boards, and hampers are only some of the add-ons that we can install to boost the efficiency of your laundry room.

  • Home Offices

Accomplishing work is much easier when you’re in a neat and tidy space. That’s why it’s very important that your home office is equipped with customized shelves, desks, and organizers. We can style your office according to your taste. From simple desks to commercial workstations, you can bank on us to give you a satisfying product.

Misplacing important documents is a very stressful ordeal. Our custom-made organizers help our customers arrange their files properly and retrieve them easily as well.
Our History
In 1984, our founder Frank Floyd made custom closets accessible to households in the Southeast. It was a concept that he encountered during his time doing sales in California. As a passionate entrepreneur and woodwork hobbyist, Frank decided to make the leap and went full time in the business of building custom closets. By 1986, the business had grown, he owned five Closet Companies across the South.
Then, taking the reins from Frank was his son Adam Floyd. Like his father, Adam always had a knack for woodworking. Adam started his career in real estate and went on to build a family of his own. And in 2018, he purchased The Closet Company from his dad. As a second-generation entrepreneur, Adam stayed true to the company’s roots and abided by the same principles that guided The Closet Company for decades.

Our Process

There are just three easy steps to get your own custom closet. First, reach out to us to schedule a free consultation. Our innovative designers will then come to your location at a time that’s convenient for you.
Next, we proceed to the designing phase. Our team will collaborate with you to create a plan for the layout of your closet. Your suggestions and preferences will be taken into consideration to satisfy your storage needs.
The last part is the installation. We will agree on a schedule for the installation of your custom closet. We come to your site complete with the tools and materials needed. Then, we integrate the custom closet to your space. This process is usually completed within the day. Contact us today!

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