Kitchen pantries begin with an assumption of filling the entire space with open adjustable shelving using a variety of shelf depths and heights. Larger items are on deeper, taller shelves, and smaller items are on shallower, shorter spacings. Floor and top shelves are used for bulk storage.

Design Options

  • Baskets in wire, cloth, or wicker
  • Counter tops
  • Utility drawers for cutlery, linens, etc.
  • Wine racks
  • Appliance garages
  • Cork or dry erase boards
  • Spice racks
  • Slatwall


Our Process

Step #1: MEET

Reach out and schedule a free consultation. Our experienced designers meet you at your convenience.

Step #2: DESIGN

You and The Closet Company team collaborate to create a formal, detailed plan of your

Step #3: INSTALL

Installation is scheduled and placed on our production calendar. We complete most jobs within one day.

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