Space planning is of paramount importance in garage storage.

One of the most challenging decisions in garage storage is to maintain easy flow while maximizing storage capacity. Automobiles, children’s toys, and yard equipment must be carefully incorporated in a successful overall plan. Garage designs begin with deep, open adjustable shelving in appropriate areas, typically with large cabinet doors. Special attention will be given to larger items such as golf clubs, riding toys, large tools, coolers, etc. Next, workstation options are considered with accompanying drawers and cabinets. Remaining areas will be used for low profile hanging items using slatwall, pegboard, or hooks.

Design Options

  • Formica, stainless steel, or solid surface tops
  • Slatwall and pegboard
  • Overhead storage
  • Ladder, bicycle, kayak lifts
  • Mobile carts for tools, pet foods
  • Recycle bins

Our Process

Step #1: MEET

Reach out and schedule a free consultation. Our experienced designers meet you at your convenience.

Step #2: DESIGN

You and The Closet Company team collaborate to create a formal, detailed plan of your

Step #3: INSTALL

Installation is scheduled and placed on our production calendar. We complete most jobs within one day.

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