DIY Disasters: Why DIY Closets are NOT Worth It

DIY Disasters Why DIY Closets are NOT Worth It scaled - The Closet Company

DIY Disasters: Why DIY Closets are NOT Worth It

With the rise in availability of DIY closet products, modular closets designed online, and easy closets at the click of a button, more and more individuals are taking on these projects because of the promise of savings and assurance of an easy closet installation. Often that is not the reality they envisioned. DIY closet systems are available from an ever-growing list of new, online firms, or can easily be bought through many big-box retail chains. Every one promises a “custom closet” that is easy to install with a few basic tools.

Reality: Easy or Modular Closets from DIY dealers is difficult, expensive, and inconvenient!

The fact is that installing an online  DIY closet organizer or system into your existing closet space will be much more involved than what you may have first thought. Installing many of these systems require specialized tools, beyond just a screwdriver and hammer. If you do not already own these tools you will need to purchase, borrow, or rent them to take on such a project. Other tools you’ll need include jigsaw, circular saw, stud finder, hacksaw, pry-bar, etc.

For the online DIY closet systems to fit, you should be measuring accurately to the nearest 1/8″, and also accurately describe any obstructions or obstacles that the design needs to work around. In other cases, the “one-size-fits-all” products require the customer to make significant changes to the actual structure in order for it to fit in the space. The closet project can take an enormous amount of time to get right, regardless of the skill level of the home-owner attempting the installation.

Finally, and most important, these companies ARE NOT less expensive than The Closet Company. They advertise significant discounts over custom closet companies. They are able to say this because most closet companies are franchises and require extremely high prices to pay their overhead. The Closet Company is a one-location family-owned business, we own our building and do not pay franchise fees, marketing fees, or sales commissions. In fact, we are often comparable, and EVEN LESS, than the DIY online closet systems. We know this because we’ve had hundreds of clients call us after their DIY systems arrive and they realize they’re in over their heads. They are always shocked finding out our price is the SAME OR LESS, and its fully installed, totally custom, and backed by 36 years of experience.

When you take this fact, and combine it with the likelihood of needing new expensive tools, as well as spending a lot of precious time, The Closet Company is clearly the best choice.

A Custom Designed Closet by The Closet Co.

Since we manufacture every single piece ourselves, you do not have to worry about an odd wall or obstacles or other limits pushed on you by DIY companies. Their systems are modular, and ours are everything but. We also have 36 years of experience to assist you in making the best design decisions. After 40,000 installations, we know what works and what doesn’t!

Unique Style Options

There is nothing cookie-cutter about our custom closets at The Closet Co.; unlike DIY solutions we are able to offer thousands of design combinations, styles, and finishing to help you create a luxury closet design with a number of accessory options for your available closet space.

Local, Reliable & Experienced

We are a turn-key closet company for the best price. We maintain traditional cabinetry methods, even though it costs us more because it results in a stronger, safer, more appealing and versatile closet. Middle Tennessee and Nashville have been choosing The Closet Company 40,000 times over because we are the best closet company available.

Save your money, time, and frustrations and Contact us at The Closet Co. for a free no-obligation consultation to meet with one of our experienced and knowledgeable designers to discuss your closet needs and available solutions. We will help you create a detailed and well thought out plan for your space taking into account your preferences and organizational needs. When the design is perfect for you, we’ll schedule your installation and begin the manufacturing process. Most of our installations can be completed in your home within one workday.

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