Guide to Decluttering Your House from the Pros at Closet Company

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Guide to Decluttering Your House from the Pros at Closet Company

It would be hard to go into 2019 and not know Marie Kondo. She’s influencing the world by helping them find joy while decluttering their home. We’re on board with her message and agree a clutter-free house will help reduce stress. Starting the decluttering process can be overwhelming. Not to worry. That’s why we are here. As organization experts, we want to offer you tips from the pros!

Declutter room by room rather than the whole house at once.

Don’t bother setting aside an entire day to organize and declutter your house. You would need to be a professional organizer to maintain the energy and attention to do it for a full eight hours. Focusing on small chunks at a time will keep you motivated and make it easier for you to get the job done. We highly recommend going room by room. Here’s a quick guide and some tips on how to declutter each one.


Start with the medicine cabinet, move to drawers, and then under your sink. You want to discard any and everything out of date — think medicines, skin care products, and makeup. Toss what you don’t need and replace what you will keep. Get everything out of the shower as well.


It might sound like a strange start, but we recommend making your bed before you begin the decluttering process — help keeps you focused. Start with your nightstand, then move to dressers. Toss anything you don’t need anymore and donate old clothing. Don’t forget to look under the bed. It’s a great storage space that quickly gets cluttered. Throw away anything you don’t need and replace anything you keep.


Your closet is a monumental task, but it can be done! We recommend sifting through your clothes by item first. Donate anything you haven’t worn in over a year and toss anything with holes. As you work your way through, put dirty clothes in the laundry and start hanging or folding what you are going to keep. Don’t forget to sort through your shoes. Sandals with broken straps, boots with worn-out soles, or tennis shoes that have seen better days can be tossed. Poorly damaged clothing shouldn’t be donated. But, there are free clothing recycling areas around Middle Tennessee.


A lot goes on in the kitchen. Declutter area-by-area. Start with the pantry, move to cabinets, and then the drawers. Expired food should be tossed, utensils should be reunited, and storage containers without their lids need to be thrown out. Don’t forget to check your countertops before moving on to the fridge. You can pull all the items out and give it a good clean. Toss what you don’t need and put back what you can keep.

Living Room

Another room with a lot of action is the living room. Make it easier on yourself by getting the bookcases, coffee tables, and consoles free from junk. As you make your way around the living room, you can put things back in their place. Return remotes, fold blankets and store toys. While you are making your rounds note what kind of storage solutions would work for you and help keep you organized.

Other Helpful Tips to Declutter Your Home

Complete each task to the end.

It’s easy to give up when it seems like there is no end in sight, but if you commit to seeing through one room or area you increase your chances for success!

Get organized before you buy storage containers.

Maybe you noticed that we didn’t suggest buying storage products first? It’s possible seeing them at your local superstore motivated you to declutter, but it’s working backward. You could buy more, less, or the wrong type of storage if you don’t get rid of what you don’t need first. Let the items you’re keeping dictate what you buy.

Customized storage solutions are a life-saver.

Most homeowners need something that can help them keep their space tidy. The fewer resources you have to keep clutter out of your way, the faster it will become untidy again. Investing in customized storage solutions is the way forward. You can get them for just about every room in the house.

Benefits of Customized Storage

Companies like The Closet Co. exists to help people just like you make sense of the madness. It all begins with a consultation. You and a professional organizer will discuss your needs. They will make recommendations and offer different solutions based on what you discuss. After the meeting, a formal plan is designed specifically for you. Once you approve, the installation begins, and you’re left with a comprehensive storage solution to last you a lifetime. Contact us to get started!

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