Homeowner Tips

The organization of our homes impacts our stress and anxiety. Over the past twelve months, Marie Kondo has revolutionized the idea of how to create a harmonious space by eliminating objects that don't "bring joy." The popularity of this concept isn't because of its unique stance, but its ability to strike a chord that too many belongings can make us have negative emotions. But why does this happen?

Getting your house organized is an epic journey if you don't know where to start. We have a lot of tips on how to kick off the process. We'll always recommend pursuing the project by working through it in chunks. So, take this list and work each step 2 hours at a time. If you can do more great! But, we don't advise a full eight hour day. This article breaks down the strategy, gives you tips, and recommends some of the best organizing products.

It would be hard to go into 2019 and not know Marie Kondo. She's influencing the world by helping them find joy while decluttering their home. We're on board with her message and agree a clutter-free house will help reduce stress. Starting the decluttering process can be overwhelming. Not to worry. That's why we are here. As organization experts, we want to offer you tips from the pros!

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