Tips for Getting Your House Organized

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Tips for Getting Your House Organized

Getting your house organized is an epic journey if you don’t know where to start. We have a lot of tips on how to kick off the process. We’ll always recommend pursuing the project by working through it in chunks. So, take this list and work each step 2 hours at a time. If you can do more great! But, we don’t advise a full eight hour day. This article breaks down the strategy, gives you tips, and recommends some of the best organizing products.

Starting Your Journey Towards Organization

Analyze each area

All good things start with a plan. Your home has multiple rooms. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Ease the stress by walking through and take notes. Grab a notebook and write it down. You want to make a note of any problem areas. What are “problem areas?” Shoe piles, mail strewn across the counter, coats that don’t have a home, clothes that are on the floor are problem areas.

Confirm why it’s disorganized and identify solutions

While you are in each room, decide what issues you are seeing. Are you missing the organizational tools to keep things tidy? Would it make more sense to move a table or container closer to where people are dumping their shoes or throwing the mail? What about an over-the-door shoe organizer? Would that work in the space? Feel free to get creative. If clothes are spilling out of your closet, is there enough space? Work room-to-room noting the issues and jotting down solution ideas. Once you’ve decided what items you are missing, you move on to our next step.

Start Organizing Your Home

Is there a correct way to organize the house? Yes and no. It depends on how you want to get started. We have a few suggestions to streamline the process.

Start with the storage spaces.

You’ve already gone through each room and addressed issues. But, let’s start small. We guarantee you will find random paperclips, pencils, pens, cords, etc. on your journey. Find a way to keep these organized first and then you’ll have a place for them as you clean the other rooms. Not knowing what to do with these storage spaces is the fastest way to get out of control. Junk drawers, storage closets, attics/basements are excellent places to start.

Move to the shared rooms.

A shared space is going to receive a lot of action and should be the next place on your list. We would recommend you begin in the kitchen. If you don’t live alone, working on the common spaces will set the intention for all other household members. When they see how things are organized, they can expect the same for each room.

Organize your personal space.

Bedrooms or home offices should be next. You spend more time here and should give it more consideration. The home office will have a lot of clutter so you can start there by shredding old files, organizing paperwork, or throwing away any junk mail that found its way into the room. When arranging your bedroom keep in mind the oasis and space you want to create for yourself. Get storage boxes to use under the bed and build your dream closet.

Organizing Products Worth the Investment

Some people fall short at knowing the different solutions that will help them stay tidy. As professional custom closet builders, we’ve got some recommendations for home organization products.

Drawer Organizers

Remember how we were saying you want to organize storage first? When you tackle the junk drawer head in with a drawer organizer. It’s a masterpiece that allows you to see everything quickly and clearly.

Hooks and Hook Strips

Wall hooks and strips are amazing products that keep the little things tidy. Dog leashes, coats, and bags in the entryway or mudroom get tidied quickly when you can place them on a hook. Their convenience is almost foolproof against throwing it on the floor or draping it over seating.

Storage Boxes with Wheels

Anyone who wants to use the space under their bed for storage should consider storage boxes with wheels. Why the wheels? You can move and shift things around quickly to maximize the space.

Medicine Cabinet Organizer

Medicines and makeup just line up in the medicine cabinet without any authority. When you need it, you’ll shuffle everything to find what you’re looking for. A cabinet organizer streamlines everything to help you find what you need.

Shelf Doublers

Pantry space fills up just like the medicine cabinet. Everything is shoved in a single file. Hard to see the contents that way. Shelf doublers give you the option to break up the pantry space to efficiently coordinate your objects.

Custom Closet Design

When it comes to building out your closet, you couldn’t find a better solution than custom built closet design. Experts, like The Closet Company, come into your home, meet with you, and help you identify areas you want to improve with effective custom solutions.

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